Graduation Quotes Will Solidify The Years Of Study You Put Into Your Achievements

Published: 24th March 2010
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Graduation quotes are often used in the ceremonies that we so often remember to move from one stage of life or academics to another. These quotes are worded in such a way that it taps into the feelings and memories made thought the years.

Various stages in life are worthy of a graduation ceremony. Many consider graduation merely in the academic field: graduation from high school or college. But if you really think about what precisely graduation is then we know that graduation is much more inclusive.

If you think about it, graduation starts early in life; a baby will graduate from bottled foods to solid foods. Though you don't think about graduation quotes in this time, a lot of parents will buy photo albums that capture the moment and the sub-caption always has a clever saying.

Perhaps after that, a baby will move up from diapers to toilet. Though they have no certificate or diploma for such an accomplishment, it is a significant one, nonetheless.

But, let's be truthful, graduation quotes would fail to be memorable in those moments. One cannot argue, however, that graduations are more important as time and age go on. Moving on from kindergarten is important, and our culture values it. It is a nice little event that parents cherish.

In the latter years of education, memories are often from junior high and high school. When people think back at their childhood memories from school, they ponder the Jr. High years and High School years.

All the good times you had on the weekends and during the breaks are put into memory. You remember the teacher that made you laugh the most. The time flies and then you find yourself with all your peers about to move on to other things. You are emotional and find yourself reminiscing about the past several years. The speaker then delivers the blow of a life time and stuns the crowd with the final word. The graduation quote sums up the entirety of your time in school and the emotions overflow.

That is what graduation quotes are for - they boil down years of work and memories into one beautiful moment.

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